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6th World :: The Lone and The Bystander

This is a Clannad AU. Similar story, with an addition. OC warning. 

Disclaimer : I don't own Clannad.

The ocean was so blue, with overwhelming sunlight, everyone laughs. 

Everyone but a little girl playing by herself on the shore. She was on her own world, eyes gazing on the starfish lying underwater. I never get to know her name. She didn't want to come in the circle. I was absolutely sure that the other children won't mind having her around. It is after all, like the phrase, 'Carpe Diem'. We might not meet again, so let us enjoy the time we have now. 

But when she pokes at the starfish, I saw a small light shimmers within her eyes. That girl smiles, an honest smile. 

Too bad we won't meet again.

At least, that was what I thought. In her third year of junior high, I met her. That girl again, the one playing alone with the starfish. She had the face of a child, hair slightly green. Mysterious amber eyes that lost its shine.

She always do her things alone. She didn't join any clubs and returned home soon after school. She rejected girls who invited her going home together, she hardly ever talks. I'm starting to wonder if she is the same girl I met at the beach last time. Her amber eyes, buried its light and showed the dull orbs of a fossil. 

Our next meeting was in her first high school year. Her eyes now filled with determination. I was about to greet her before this girl, Mitsui started a chat with her. That was when I learned her name. 

Ibuki Fuko. 

I stared at the two, watching them talked to each another. Then that girl, Fuko, smiled. I saw small light glittered on her eyes. That light was coming back. I smiled at her. Maybe she didn't need my help after all. 

Except, the unthinkable happened. 

Fuko Ibuki got into an accident. She was immediately sent to the hospital, however, she only had little chance to survive.

I never get to know her, but I decided to visit her. 

There she was, watching her sister, whom was watching at her sleeping body. I can't believe what my eyes saw. But she was there, watching her sad sister with a sorrowful eyes. The shine she just retrieved was lost, again. It seemed like she wanted to assure her sister that she's fine. She didn't want her sister to grief over her. But she couldn't do anything. Her voice can't reach her sister. Yet, strangely it reached mine. 

But what could I do? 

I don't know her, nor do I know how to help her. 

It sounded very pathetic, but I left shortly after. 

Our fourth meeting was in the empty classroom. It has been two years since the incident. She didn't notice me. She was standing there. Maybe she was feeling lonely. Her eyes shouted sadness to me, yet she didn't cry. I approached her, but I can't touch her. She couldn't feel my presence. 

She was a strong child. But she needed help. 

Without thinking, I said that one word that made her eyes glitter that light on our first meeting. 

She realized what I was saying, then rushed to the outside. She started collecting wood, and sculpted that into what seemed to be a starfish. I'm glad my voice reached her. 

She started sculpting, and sculpting. It hurt her hands, but she told herself. It's alright, she said. It's going to be alright. She repeated. With that determination masked on her face, she kept sculpting. 

Our next meeting was in that same classroom. This time, she was with her friends. They were having a class. They made her the class representative. She seemed happy. The light returned to her eyes. 

She was forgotten by her friends the next few days, but that light didn't die. She believed in them. I can't do anything to her. She didn't need my help. She was strong. She believed in her friends as much as I believed in her. Everything will be alright. 

Our sixth meeting, also our last meeting was at her sister's wedding. I saw her as she started disappearing. That starfish sculpture she made, everyone had one now. Even me. 

It's time I gave her a little help, right?

Everyone had forgotten about the girl, but the memories stayed within their heart. This was the only thing I could do. Leaving traces of her within everyone. This way, it won't be erased. Her hard work, and that little light within her eyes. 

There won't be another time we can meet. But there's one thing I can be sure of. That little light won't fade, that smile on her face, that innocent soul. 

My name is Neeya

I'm the "Bystander".

A/N :
Neeya is an OC of mine. You can find her by reading through my original fictions. She won't appear now, but I just feel like letting her meet with Fuko.