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Your average writer. I'm a student majoring in Computer Science in BiNus University.
DISCLAIMER : I do not own anything here except for the original fictions. Characters belong to their respective owner except for those in original fictions.


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Code lists :

[W1] = Dreamers saga [Original Fiction]

[W2] = How God Helped People [Original One-shot]
[W3] = Things Left Undone [Air Gear Fan-Fiction]
[W4] = In Memorial [Hetalia One-Shot]
[W5] = I Love You [Original Poetry]
[W6] = The Lone and The Bystander [CLANNAD Fan-Fiction]
[W17] = Sweet Seventeen [Original One-shot]


• 1st World :: Dreamers [TBA] [W1]
Summary : Everyone dreams when they sleep. But when one becomes a truth, there's no telling which one is real or not. This is a story of a group of children, trapped in the world of dream and fought for their life while saving others who created an ideal world in their dreams. Bringing the reality from illusion.

Genre : Fantasy / Original Fiction
Ratings : PG - Rated. Might change. 


Chapter 1 [When You Wish Upon a Dream]
Chapter 2 [Dream World]
Chapter 3 [Number 0 of Tarot Cards]

• 2nd World :: How God Helped People [FINISHED] [W2]
Dedicated to my devotion.
Summary : God was walking around Jakarta town when He spotted something unusual.
Link to fic [With love~]
• 3rd World :: Things Left Undone [FINISHED] [W3]
An Air gear Fan-Fiction. AU
Characters : Agito, Akito.
Rating : T for mentioning Alcohol use and drugs. And for some bad language.
Summary : Akito is a younger brother of Shinjuku district's chief and Agito is a part of mafia. They lived without knowing each other's existence until they met each other, and learned that they were biological weapons made by the Japanese scientists. Will they be able to reach the freedom they longed for?
Link to fic
• 4th World :: In Memorial [FINISHED] [W4]

Hetalia Fan-Fiction. Made for England's Birthday.
Summary : America tried to make a surprise for England, however only the opposite occurred. 
Rating : PG
Link to Fic

• 5th World :: I love you [FINISHED] [W5]
Point of View : Boys/Girls.

• 6th World :: The Lone and The Bystander [FINISHED] [W6]
CLANNAD Fan-Fiction.
Summary : Six meetings of the lone girl and the bystander. 
Rating : PGLink to Fic

• 17th World :: Sweet Seventeen [FINISHED] [W17]
Dedicated to myself.
Summary : This is my point of view, for my 17th Birthday.
29 / 11 / 1993
Made in 29 / 11 / 2010
Link to Fic