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17th World :: Sweet Seventeen

A/N : If you're wondering why it's the 17th while I only have few worlds, it's because I want the number 17 pffft.
Btw, it's my 17th birthday, so it's a dedication to my sweet seventeen life XD.


Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, my sweet heart
Happy Birthday to you

She woke up earlier than usual. Not because she felt good, but because she had a weird dream. She yawned. It was a week before her seventeenth birthday. One week, she thought. She was the youngest among her friends, and had seen how her friends smiled when their birthdays were celebrated. She had helped her friends, planning on how to surprise them, how to make them happy, how to make them feel that their seventeenth was the greatest of all. Until she became an expert in lighting the candles. (Since no one else seemed to be able to do it)

She shrugged. She still had half an hour before leaving for school. She watched the calendar. 22nd November. She smiled. She was waiting for her birthday, yet she felt sad whenever the day just kept coming closer. She didn't know what exactly was troubling her, yet it pained her. But she decided to let it flow anyways. After all, it's just one day. She'll stand up in brand new dress, blew up the candles and make a wish. Then it's over. Everything will become normal once again. It's just one troublesome day. 

"One week. What if... what if something happen in one week? Would I die on my seventeenth birthday?" She mumbled to herself. Then left the rest of questions unanswered within her minds. Will I be happy? Or will I be sad? Will I be disappointed? Or will I...?

Yep, it's troublesome to be a dreamer. 

In that dream of mine, 
I saw a figure of a child
Smiling at me and, 

"I can't wait for the 29th!" Said someone in her class. For once she felt happy. Her heart beating fast. She turned to see whoever said that sentence. Turned out that she wasn't looking for her birthday, yet for the continuation of a drama series. Then the thumping in her heart disappeared. 

Is it good, to hope
For someone to give me a surprise?
Is it good, to dream
That that day will be the best day?

She walked away in a sigh. It's no use. She could predict what day it will be. What kind of party she will have in her seventeenth birthday. There will be no happiness. There will only be formalities. The guests will congratulate her, and give her decent presents, then rushed to the foods. It's just another day. And it was the day she felt disappointment the most. 

I used to wait for that certain day
Beautiful dress, colorful cakes, mesmerizing gifts. 
Then as my fingers can't count my age any more
I felt nothing in that day

"Hey, can you hear me now?" A voice asked. And when she realized, she was in nothingness. Nothing but herself and a figure of a child. A girl, looking fragile and small. Wearing a white baptism gown, and a white ribbon on her hair. The young girl approached her, and took her arms. "It's alright, you don't have to understand what I am." She said, then she pointed at her. 

"You have remained captured like that for a really long time." She muttered. She felt there were vines entangled to every part of her body. But as the girl said those words, the vines burned into white light that somehow doesn't burn her skin. 

The young girl reached her hand out and hugged the girl, who remained crouched down. "...You have suffered enough." She muttered again. 


"...uh.." She muttered. It was morning again. She had 6 days left. 

Shower, School, Lunch, Study, Home, Sleep. Life continued like that. Normal, and it's good like that. 

"You came again." A voice called, and again, she was in that nothingness. The little girl wore the same clothes as yesterday. Today, she was grooming the girl's hair. Using white ribbon similar to the one she wore. Which made her look slightly identical to the girl. "Why are you doing this to me?" She asked. The little girl smiled then answered. "Because 'I' wanted to." She answered. 

It was on the 3rd day of the week when she felt really disappointed. She had hinted her friends about her birthday, had hoped for the slightest chance that her friends would do something to her. Anything would do. Even the smallest prank would do. And their answers were all similar. "Geez, I have extra class on that day.", "Wait, when was your birthday again?" , "Oh, my! I haven't bought anything!". 

It wasn't present she wanted. It was attention. And it seemed like no one recognized it. 

Then there was the little girl. Holding a red box with white ribbon. She handed the box to her. "...Don't open it yet, it's not yet your birthday!" She giggled. It was a prank, and it comforted her. 

4th day, she felt sick. 5th day, she had a flu, 6th...

Wouldn't it be good to have a restart button?
Or the save button like those in games?
So there won't be disappointment in everything. 
So I wouldn't feel sadness at all.

She looked at the calendar. Tomorrow was the day. She became more anxious. She prayed, and prayed. Oh, God, please don't make me feel disappointed tomorrow." She prayed. And when she fell asleep, there was the little girl. 

"Why do you worry? Don't you trust your friends?" The little girl asked. She looked at her with gloomy eyes. She might wanted to, she had had a thought that they were setting up the scene. So she made hints. And the replies just depressed her more. 

"Birthday girls shouldn't be gloomy!" The young girl said as she combed her hair, and dressed her up with the ribbon again. "See? Aren't you pretty?" She said to her. She must be very pitiful to have such a young child groomed her. Yet, she felt happy whenever that said child did something to her. Whether it be pranks or comfort. 

"This is the last. She said to her. Whether you can still see me or not depends on what you feel." The little girl said to her. Then she pointed at the big grandfather clock that suddenly appeared behind them. The arms showing that it's 1 AM. The noise of the clock got louder and louder. Then the girl sang. 

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, my sweet heart
Happy Birthday to you

The clock reached 2 AM. It was the exact time when she was born 17 years ago. 

Then there was light. There was a cake with 17 candles all around the round cake. "Make a wish!" The young girl cheered. She stepped up, then blew the candles on the cake the young girl held. Her wish was to have a happy life. 

"Now, open up the present!" The little girl squealed. The box she received the other day was next to her. She pulled the ribbon, then opened the box. There was the white ribbon. The ribbon the girl used to groom her with. "This is..." She was about to ask the question when she saw the little girl shone brightly. Part of her disappeared to small glows of light. 

"Wait!" She screamed and reached the girl, holding her tightly, not letting the girl out. 

"I must go now. You have reached this day after all." The young girl smiled. "Why? Why should you disappear? I... I need you. I want you to stay by my side!" She yelled, almost screamed. The little girl sighed, then kissed her forehead. "I'm always with you. It's just the matter of you not seeing me any more." She explained. 

"...What are you, exactly?" She asked. "I'm your childhood." She answered. 

Then she woke up. "...Ah..." She muttered, tears built up on her eyes. Then she remembered, about the ribbon she used to wear in her early days. The ribbon she decided not to use any more as her fingers can't count her age any more. The ribbon she thought as childish. 

It was there all along, in her desk, unused and still looked new. She washed her face, took a shower, then dressed for the morning. She tied her hair with the white ribbon. Then she smiled at herself on the mirror. "Happy Birthday." She muttered. And she left. 

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Her classmates screamed. "Congratulations in reaching your sweet seventeenth!" Her guests said and laid a kiss on her cheeks. "May God bless you with good luck~" One of her friends said, "May you have the happiest life!" Another added. There were many congratulations, and many blesses. She was happy. Then she turned, the little girl was there, in a pink dress this time.Unseen by others.Smiling at her. 

"Thank you for living." The little girl said. Both of them smiled. 

It was her sweet seventeenth, it was the day her hands parted from her childhood, it was a fleeting moment. 

And it was good.

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