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5th World :: I Love You

This must be love 
Because I can't stop thinking of you, tonight. 
This must be love
Because I can't stop smiling

I like it, the way you smile
I like it, the way you laugh
I like the way you look at me
I like the way you talk to me

And, like a never ending song
Your voice looped through my mind
like a unstoppable waltz
That feelings flowed through every single pieces of me.

If I can turn these feelings into a song, I'll let my lips sing it for you
If I can turn these feelings into a flower, I'll present it to you
If I can turn these feelings into a paint, I'll colour them for you
If I can, for once tell you these feelings I held for you, I'll definitely melt. 

Oh, Harmonia,
The notes from Do to Ti. 
Each represents the seven colours of the light. 
I'm falling in love. 

With the melody, I'll sing the most beautiful love song
With the fragrance, I'll send you the sweetest aroma of my love
With the colours, I'll stroke the portrait of my heart. 
Then I'll tell you, I love you.  

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