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1st World :: Dreamers [ Prologue ]


Click Clack

There was the typing sound. Few mutters. Bubbles. Few laughs. Then, as the men in white approached, they congratulated each other. They were in a laboratory. A very bright room with rays that hurt your eyes if you were there. But the four eyed men didn't seem to bother with the emitting lamp. They were all smiling. Creepy smiles. 

“Congratulations” They said.

What? What are they saying? Why are they smiling?

She couldn't see them. They were blurry, she couldn't see their faces. She couldn't recognize them either. Who were they? What are they doing to her? And why is she here? Why is she in some kind of... tube? Waters surrounded her. Yet, she could breathe. No, there was an oxygen mask placed on her face. There were other cables connected to her, but she didn't know what they are. 

“Congratulations, Siren.” One spoke to her. The once blurred vision of hers slowly cleared. One man in white smiled at her She stared at them. The man’s glasses reflected her appearance. She has eyes of a cloud. Her skin pale like snow. Hairs, also white like a dove’s feather. She did not remember anything. No, she doesn’t know anything.

 “Let dreams come true.” He said. 

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