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1st World :: Dreamers [ When You Wish Upon A Dream ]


It was one peaceful morning to every beings in the world. Rooster crowed if it called for the sun, Birds sang the wake up songs. Waking up humans in the complex. They groaned and yawned. Everyone greeted the morning cheerfully and happily. Hoping that today would be a good and happy day for them. Everyone were happy but not for one boy.

William Licht was a boy that knew no happiness. He did, for once when his mother was still alive. Until the birth of his younger brother, as well as the disappearance of his mother, he started to erase the word 'happiness' from his dictionary within his head. Soon after he woke up, he immediately took a quick shower, and left really early in the morning. He didn't want to see his brother. His younger brother, Fai Licht. A boy whom Will knew as a disaster.

"If he didn't born, mother wouldn't have disappeared..." He muttered as he walked to his school. It was still 6 in the early morning. His school started at 8. But he didn't want to see his brother. Especially since they were going to the same school. They were five years apart, still the school building were next to each another. He was in Junior high while his brother were in his 3rd year of Elementary.

Will always left early in the morning and went back really late. He usually stayed in his friend's house before going back home. He knew that when he went back, his brother would have been in his own room, studying, or perhaps doing something that Will didn't care what.

It's been 8 years since that. When his brother was born, he thought he'll get a nice little brother to play with. He was looking forward it. He really did. Until the next day, his mother disappeared. Everyone told him that she ran away. However, the possibility of her death was high. The window was open when they found out that she was gone. So she might run off on her own. But why would she? What made her run away from the hospital at such weak condition? What's the differences between that day and the day before?

His brother.

That must be her reason. "There's nothing else that could have made her run away like that... And running away at the day after giving birth... She won't survive..." He muttered to himself as he stared at the photo of him, his mother, his father, and the newborn Fai on his mother's held. The photograph was taken on the day when Fai was born. And that was the last time he saw his mother. And the first time he ever loved his brother.

The first and the only time.

He walked across the photograph and proceeded to his school. His school was near his complex. He knew the shortcuts. Passing through an open field and he'll find his school right a few blocks away. He always spent a minute or two staring at the giant cherry tree in the middle of that open field. They said it was a sacred tree. However for him, that tree was his most memorable thing in his life. That tree somehow resembled his mother. A scent of... kindness and calm. The tree had a good aura. Somehow it could make him smile even if it's just for a few seconds.

"... Do you?" Came a voice.

He gasped and turned his head to the source of the voice. There behind him stood a young girl with blond hair. Covered with black cloth. She stared at him with her bloody crimson eyes. "... Do you want to meet her? Your... mother?" She asked with weak and croaked voice. Then she approached him. His body froze. Somehow an eerie feeling lingered around him. He felt sick. This girl's presence just brought him somewhat disgust feeling. Although he had never met her before.

"Wha- ... Who are you? How did you know... about my mom?" He replied. His head felt dizzy. He could collapse in any minute from now. He used the tree for support while his left hand held his head. It's so painful. He didn't know why.”Do you want to meet your mother?" The girl asked again. This time, with a smile. A scary and somewhat dangerous smile.

He didn't know what he was doing anymore. Slowly he answered the girl's question. Unknowing what would happen next. "Yeah..." He muttered. Somehow the pain stopped. The pain turned into comfort. It was dark even though it was morning. It's like the night time. Where no light exist. He could feel his eyelids starting to close. He felt really sleepy.

"...That's right. It doesn't matter where I would be... As long as she's there..." He muttered to himself until he heard someone else calling his name. A voice he know. A voice that he wanted to forget but couldn't. "Brother Will!" Called a young boy with similar silver hair as his but a little bit longer. A pale skin and silver eyes. He was like a shorter version of Will. It was his brother.

The blond girl stared at the running boy and then smirked. Slowly, she walked to the direction where his brother was. "Fai?" He asked. Unsure about what he heard just now. His vision blurred. He couldn’t see whether his brother was really there or not. However, it seemed like his brother couldn’t see the girl. The blond girl pointed her finger to the little boy. And then, behind the boy appeared a figure with dark robe and a scythe. Ready to cut the younger boy's soul off from his body.

And at that moment he shouted.

For the first time he ever felt the fear of losing his brother.


Then everything went dark. 

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