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2nd World :: How God Helped People

One day, God was taking a walk on Jakarta City. He had such trouble walking since the air is really polluted. Then He found an abandoned child with such a skinny body and dirty clothes crying alone in the road. "Why are you crying, young child?" He asked.

"I have nowhere to go." The child answered. Then God took him by the hand and continued the travel. Near the lamppost, there's another child watching the crowded street. This child is also skinny and black skinned, she had teary eyes and a scraped skin. She was wounded, many scars on her body and face that she may not look like a human anymore.

"Why are you crying?" God asked her. "I was tortured by my old master. I don't know what I'm supposed to do, now that my master ditched me." She answered. Then God took her hand with his other hand and continued his travel.

Next he found another child. This child is unlike other child, she was pretty and white skinned. Unlike the tortured girl. She was looking fine, and she even wore nice clothes. She seemed to be loved by her family. Yet she was crying.

God asked her the same question with the other two. Then the girl answered. "I felt really sad. I'm confused with my feelings." God was about to cheer her up and take her hand as well. But none of the children let go of his hands.

"Why do you need to save her? She's loved by her family, she was still pure, and she's pretty. You don't have to give anything else for her. She has everything that I don't!" The wounded girl said.

"She's right. She's looking healthy. She's wearing nice clothes. And she even had the chance to go to school. Her life is better than mine." The skinny boy said

"It's true that she has everything that you two don't. But I won't leave anyone alone." God answered as he released his hands on the two. And walked away. Both of the kids were surprised by his actions. But then he disappeared with a flash of light. The three of them lost their hope now.

Then suddenly, a orange colored vehicle approached them three. "In Jakarta, there's this thing called Bajaj. I'm sure the three of you could fit in." Said God, who drove the Bajaj. The three of them smiled happily and entered in. They continued their travel until they find another child looking troubled and God changed the vehicle into another famous vehicle in Jakarta. Angkot.

"I wouldn't ever leave your side. If you think I haven't helped you, it's because this world is so big. For those thing I haven't help, I will surely come someday." 

And after that, God changed the vehicle into a Minibus, then a larger bus that eventually it turned into a large ark to His Kingdom. 

Author Note : 

This is a fiction. This is how I saw God helped people. That He, no matter what won't abandon anyone. If you felt that he had not save you, then he might still be far away. But he will come to you eventually. :3

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