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1st World :: Dreamers [ Dream World ]



The sound of his own voice echoed through his mind. It was like a dream. He never thought he could say that. Well, maybe only for once. But that was before his mother's disappearance. Right when he was expecting a brother. When he thought he would have someone to care of, to play with, to protect. "... That's crazy... I said that?" He asked himself with a laugh. Disbelieving what his own mouth said. Deciding to get his mind off the sentence, he stood and looked around. He wasn't on the same park where he was. He was in a totally different place. There’s no single living soul exist in the plain. Not even his brother. 
He frowned when he looked up.

"What the?" He asked. The sky was dark purple. There was no sun or moon. The clouds were black. And the grasses around him were silvery white. "... A dream?" He asked himself as he slapped his own cheek. And it hurts. "No way." He laughed like crazy and moved back without him knowing. He bumped something big... and strong. Much like a tree's branch. He turned and saw a black trunk. When he looked up, there were cherry flowers. A black colored cherry flowers. He can't believe what he just saw. The fact that he was hurt from the slap means that he wasn't in a dream. But all of those things were unbelievable. The sky was never purple. And there were no white grasses exist in any part on earth.

Would it be possible that he wasn't on earth anymore?

"... No kidding... I know that wasn't possible." He said as he started to walk around and search if he could find a clue where he was right now. But there was nothing else there but him, the grasses, and the black cherry tree behind him. It was a big empty field with nothing else but mountains around him. It's like he was trapped in somewhat different dimension. Unable to find anything else, he decided to go back to the starting line. The Black Cherry tree.

He walked around the tree, climbed it, even shook the tree but nothing happened. Until he noticed that there was something on the ground. He didn't saw it at first because it was under the tall silvery grasses. It was a bone. "What's this doing here?" He asked to himself as he jumped down and started to dug the soil where the bone stick popped out from.

He managed to pull the bone out from the ground, and then examined what bone that is. It was kind of old. It seemed to be there for a really long time. "Gee, what does it have to do with why I'm here..." He said to himself as he threw the bone away. And that was when he heard a noise. A somewhat hissing noise. He turned his gaze to the hole he dug. Black smokes came out from the hole and the noise become much clearer and bigger. A croaky voice.

He trembled. His instincts told him that something was not right. That he was in danger somehow. He gritted his teeth and walked backwards slowly. He didn't put his gaze off the black smokes, just slowly took a few steps backwards. And then he heard a stomping noise. It wasn't his. It belonged to something with huge or heavy body. And as the smokes slowly disappeared, a human form was seen from the shadow. He was a little happy, he thought he was about to find another person.

However the shadow he saw didn't belong to a person.

A skeleton. His eyes widened at what he saw. He gasped in fear and then turned to run. He tried to run away from the huge skeleton with a bone club on its hand. However the skeleton was chasing him. He was running to death. He was getting farther from the Cherry tree until he wasn't able to saw the tree again. He started to lose his balance. He was exhausted. The scenery around him just passed around just like when you're in a train. But the skeleton won't stop chasing him around.

Wha- what's this thing?

A ghost?!

No , I can't die now!

His head was filled with death thoughts when he lost his balance and fell to the ground. He looked back and saw the Skeleton behind him swinging its club, ready to crush him like a cracker. He put his hands in front of him for protection. He closed his eyes. NO! He screamed within his inner thoughts. The club swung towards his direction.

"Major Arcana! The Magician!" A voice shouted. Bright red light appeared behind the skeleton and distracted the Skeleton from crushing him. A girl with long auburn hair wearing white linen dress with belt made of coins, bright red cape with a tarot cups as its button, a spare knife tied on her thigh, and a wand on her hand appeared before the Skeleton. She smirked and then motioned an infinity symbol with her wand, the infinity symbol appeared on the air. The girl waved her wand and the symbol flew to the Skeleton. It hit the Skeleton and made it screamed in agony. Slowly its bones cracked. And then the Skeleton dissolved into ashes.

"Are you alright?" Asked the same voice that shouted before. He turned his face to where the voice came from. There he saw the same girl, now with different clothes. She was a little bit older than him, She wore casual green dress and green hairband. She smiled knowing that the boy was alright. Will wasn't able to say anything. He was too confused to think. He didn't know what he wanted to say. "Can you stand? Here, I'll help you." She said as she offered a hand to help him stood.

He looked at her hand and refused her help. He stood on his own and then looked down. He had just survived a moment between life and death. His feelings were all fused. "It's alright. I can help myself." He said to the girl and then looked around to spot the other girl, the one defeating the Skeleton with somewhat magical powers. The brunette girl took a card from her waist bag and showed it to him.

“Surprised? That is my ‘ability’.” She said with a wink.  
"Huh?! What do you mean?" He asked the brunette. The brunette looked at him with a smile and began her explanations. "This is a tarot card. It enchanted my physical power and… spiritual powers… I guess. " She explained as she showed the card to him. On the card was a picture of a girl pointing her wand to the sky as an infinity symbol was engraved on the sky. "…Tarot card?" He muttered before he realized what he wanted to ask to the girl. He grabbed the girl by her shoulder and then started to rain her with tons of questions.

"Where are we? How did I end up here? What's with the weird environments? What's that Skeleton? How did you do that? Are you a magician?!"

And the boy was interrupted with the girl. She pushed the boy off her and tried to calm him down. "Whoa whoa whoa, one question at a time there, young man." She said to the younger boy. She smiled to him and brushed his head slightly. "Let's start with myself now, shall we? My name is Tairah Rosaline. I got here last week." She stated before she searched for a comfortable place to sit down and continued her story.

"Did you meet a blond girl before you woke up here? She's the real magician. Somehow she had a magical power or whatever it is that brought us here. To the world we call ‘dream’." Tairah continued her story. Will listened to her carefully as he remembered the things before he arrived in that dream world.

"DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH HIM!" He shouted to the girl. Somehow, his numb limbs were able to move again. He ran to his brother's side, grabbed the boy, fell to the harsh ground. He still felt his brother's warm body on his hands. That small fragile body.

But then everything went black and he was unable to remember anything past that.

"So, uh. Monsters like that skeleton just now, They are called Nightmares. Um, but we were saved with our abilities. Like, my tarot cards! These abilities seems to take a reflection of our character. For example, I'm a Tarot user, I read people's future using these Tarot cards. I'm not an expert, but sometimes it works. So, my ability is Tarot." Tairah explained. Will was completely confused with her story.

"Well, to make it simple, you're given power called ability. To survive in this world called Dream, to fight these monsters we call Nightmares. You were sent here by a blond girl." She said, summarizing her story. Then she stared at the blank eyed boy. "Umm... are you alright?" She said as she waved her hands in front of the boy's eyes.

Everything was hard for him to swallow. All of those were almost impossible to happen. Someone with magic, he thought no one like that existed in the world. There are just magicians with tricks. Not magicians with magic.

"...How do we get out?" Decided to believe her, he asked to dig more information out from her. At this question, the girl’s smile faded. “…I’m sorry, I still don’t know how.” She replied. Oh, great. Now he’s stuck in this weird dimension. “…Why did you call this a dream? And where is this…’they’ ?” He asked again. “Well, I heard that this place can grant any wish. It’s like… you know, a dream. That’s basically where the name came from. And about everyone else… Some stayed within one dream while others traveled alone like me.” She said.

He looked down to the grass. Trying to swallow everything he had just heard of. Just like what the girl said, this world is like a dream. However, it is one that he couldn’t wake up from. An Endless dream one would say. He had no idea what to do now. He had not a single reason for being here. He wanted to go back. Go to school like he usually do. But first he had to make sure his brother was alright, despite the hatred he had for his brother.

“…Hey, you haven’t told me your name yet!” She exclaimed. Realizing his fault, he quickly apologized and introduced himself. “I’m Will. Will Licht.” He said as he scratched the back of his head.

“Will… That’s a good name! Nice to meet you, Will.” She said as she took his hand and held it for a while. She looked so calm for someone who had just been a week here. No, maybe it was because she came here a week in advance.

Suddenly, a pillar of light appeared. The boy jumped back in surprise while the girl just smiled calmly. “Ah, that’s the dream stair!” She exclaimed as she clamped her hands. “Dream stair?” He asked the girl.

“That stair will bring us to the next dream. Well, it’s easier to understand if you see it by yourself. Come on.” She said as she pulled the boy’s hand and then dragged him to the said pillar. Slowly, his mind became hazy. Sleep has took him over and let him lose his consciousness. 

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